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fool moon

People have always been fascinated by the light of a perfect circle. The returning full moon and the natural phenomena ascribed to it (higher childbirth percentage, fertility, transformation from human to animal, etc.), the archetypical form of a UFO, the shape of a gong, the sun… are but a few striking examples. Despite its shape of a full circle (‘full moon’), the lamp can be used in several positions: horizontally, diagonally, obliquely or vertically (‘fool moon’). Thanks to its large dimensions, the lamp is easily recognisable and has the possibility of demarcating or creating spaces. The lamp also has a highly symbolic value due to its imposed abstraction. project photos


fool moon large

Largest model 195cm, 3 PL lamps inside, optional 1-10V dimmable or Dali. Optional with RGleds inside, remote or DMX controllable.

fool moon medium

Medium model 120cm, 3 PL lamps inside, optional 1-10V dimmable. Optional with RGleds inside, DMX controllable.

fool moon small

Small model 50cm, 3 energy saving lamps inside.

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