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on line

The power of this light source lies in its slenderness and unobtrusiveness; the simplicity of the fixtures’ design makes that it can be used anywhere. It can be built-in, surface mounted, or hung from the ceiling. On one and the same track, two separate dimmable circuits are available. An innovative and state-of-the-art magnet and contact system makes that a wide variety of LED-fixtures can be inserted or moved. The LED-fixtures are similar in style yet each one of them has its own character and lighting quality: a mini spotlight ‘dot’, built-in or surface mounted strips ‘in’ and ‘out’, and orientable pliable sheets called ‘knick'. ‘turn’ is a rotating & pliable spot. Much attention has been given to the right selection of quality material and parts. It’s a 100% Belgian product, designed by Bart Lens. On line won already several prices such as Henry van de velde label 2010, RED DOT Award – Best of the Best 2011 and Design Plus 2012.  Get on line!  project photos
 UL listed


knick small and knick

Knick small is a small 15W directable led spot perfect for lighting up paintings or as general lighting. Knick is a 20W directable led spot and is perfect for general lighting.


different model, same light output as the knick.

in small and in

IN is a 20W led fixture which is perfectly trimless mounted inside the track, IN small is a smaller 10W variation. By placing several IN fixtures next to each other, longer light lines can be created.


Pliable and turnable spot. Available with exchangeable optics with different beams for a maximum of flexability.


This tiny spot light with a power usage of max. 3W and 8° reflector is perfect to illuminatie small objects, use as orientation lighting or just as reading lamp.
Also available in red, green, blue and cold white.

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